Kawahara Technical Research (KTR) derived from a construction contractor called Kawahara Komuten, which was established based on the Kawahara Team of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd, a construction company. KTR has accumulated construction expertise for more than 60 years.

We founded KTR 30 years ago because of our wish to develop a comprehensive technology business that covers all industry areas, without limiting ourselves to the field of construction and design. Thereafter, as a general business planning company, we have accumulated our experience in a wide variety of areas including apparel, food, housing, entertainment and healthcare. Over the past 10 years, we have focused on the research and development of different materials, while acquiring patents for numerous inventions based on our wealth of technological expertise and know-how related to construction and design over many years.

We believe in the importance and potential of incorporating different industries and technologies. Each person may serve different roles, but synergizing all of our spirit and objectives will create a greater power that allows us to promote a business that makes a larger contribution to our society. This requires our commitment to the research and development of complete solutions.

Complete Solutions

Although the global amount of waste (including hazardous substances and radioactive waste) is increasing, we do not have sufficient infrastructure to process and store them, resulting in increased illegal dumping and contamination. In addressing these issues, however, there has not been a solution that respects the safety of the environment, local residents and workers. As a solution for improving waste management closely linked with people’s health and the environment, KTR has developed a container that offers safety and security for local residents, as well as a lineup of protective suits and coolers that ensure the safety and efficiency of workers who handle waste. We call them the “three must-haves” in waste management.

KTR has developed these products based on our wish to materialize the equipment and solutions required for preventing the leakage and spread of hazardous substances, ensuring long-term storage and worker safety, and enabling the safe and secure storage of waste that may cause harm to human health and the environment. Above all, the DECOPOD, the world’s first mass-producible large metal container for storing waste, is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of about 1,000 liters. Its high-level sealing and interlocking capabilities achieved by its proprietary shape have been well-received by customers in different industries as an innovative product that goes beyond the concept of conventional containers. We also offer a lineup of protective suits that ensure both the safety and productivity of workers who handle highly hazardous waste, as well as coolers that reduce heat stress and heat stroke of people working in harsh environments. These products have drawn widespread attention as they proactively address global needs in today’s world, which is frequently hit by major disasters and accidents. Based on these proprietary products, KTR offers complete solutions that maintain safety over many years. We are committed to reducing waste-related risks in the long run on a global basis.

Research and Development of Materials

We started our research and development from the materials. Our new material named SOMA is a fully eco-friendly product with various characteristics including light absorption, phosphorescence and luminescence. The product is expected to play a key role in the new era of energy systems and is to be used in fields including solar power generation, healthcare, and space. We will continue our research to put the product into practical use by adding more technical features to create new values.