A Message from the President

  The insatiable curiosity to keep asking “why?”, the firm principle to believe “what is right is right, and
  what is good is good”, and the strong will not to give up regardless of the circumstances — pursuing
  this kind of mindset will certainly bear fruit in one way or another. We have always believed that the
  pursuit of such a mindset is what technology is all about.

  Technology exists not only for manufacturing products. It is also an indispensable component for
  creating relationships among people, and producing all sorts of things whether tangible or intangible.
  In other words, it serves as a bridge between people and objects. Each one of our employees is
  committed to research and development with a fundamental belief that technology works only after
  giving much consideration towards the people who use it.

  In today’s global and borderless world, the environment and the concept of values are changing
  rapidly, and many people chase after profit. Amid such a time, we at Kawahara Technical Research
  seek for reliable technologies and solutions with people in mind, in our path to become a “small giant”
  with selected human resources that command exceptional skills.

President: Satoshi Kawahara (inventor/developer)

Corporate Philosophy

Create a better society
through Technomix (consolidation of technologies from different industries),
a spirit of common good and service, and collaborative activities

Companies are all about people, not the size.
Even though our organization may be small, we can fearlessly face challenges as long as we have big spirit.
We aspire to become a “small giant.”
“Technomix” is the name of our effort to
create new values by consolidating technologies, engineers and know-hows
from different fields, breaking down the walls between companies.
We will contribute to our society and environment by establishing new lines of business
through collaborating and combining different technologies and expertise.